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Bowser’s Fury Fort Flaptrap Shines: How to Get All Cat Shines

fort flaptrap cat shines guide

Bowser’s Fury Fort Flaptrap Shines: How to Get All Cat Shines

Fort Flaptrap is one of the first few islands you’ll come across in Bowser’s Fury. Its unique feature is its flipping switch platforms which change from a red platform on one side to blue on the other and vice-versa each time you jump. It makes for a mind-melting mission as you try and get all five Cat Shines on offer here. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get all of the Cat Shines at Fort Flaptrap in Bowser’s Fury.

How to Get All Fort Flaptrap Cat Shines in Bowser’s Fury

There are five Cat Shines to get, with each one requiring you do something different. We’ve broken each of these down below.

Bully the Cat Bullies

how to get fort flaptrap cat shines

This one’s rather easy. You’ll find cat-like enemies at the very top of Fort Flaptrap. Simply push them into the gaps left by the switch platforms. You can also get one to run over a switch while charging at you. If you jump just as they’re running over the switch, it’ll change and they’ll fall below.

Defeat all of the Cat Bullies to earn your first Fort Flaptrap Shine!

Blue Coin Bustle

The blue coin bustle at Fort Flaptrap is pretty hard. You’ll need to get all of the blue coins before time runs out.

Trigger the blue coin bustle by ground pounding the blue switch just ahead of the archway entrance. The key here is to use the Tanooki Mario suit to help you hover that little bit longer in the air when tackling the switches on the wall.

Once you reach the top, simply have all of the switches showing their blue platform.

how to get fort flaptrap cat shines

Gather all of the blue coins, and then you’ll get another batch. Jump to change the platforms to their red sides and you should now be able to easily run across the platforms and gather them all.

Keep in mind you’ll have a time limit here, so aim to be as fast as possible.

Find the 5 Cat Shine Shards – All Fort Flaptrap Cat Shines

There are five Cat Shine Shards scattered throughout Fort Flaptrap which, once collected, will reward you with one whole Cat Shine. Here are their locations.

1. This one can be found on one of the switches on the right-hand side of the wall as soon as you walk up to Fort Flaptrap.

how to get fort flaptrap cat shines

2. Head around the right-hand side, and you’ll find another Cat Shine Shard between two trees.

3. A little further on from the last shard, you’ll find a group of Fury Blocks. If you look to the top of the tree right next to them, you’ll spot another Cat Shine Shard at the very top. Climb up the tree and jump off to grab it.

how to get fort flaptrap cat shines

4. On the left-hand side of Fort Flaptrap, you’ll spot two random brick blocks in the side of the main building.

Change to Cat Mario, and then use your pound attack to break them. You’ll find another Cat Shine Shard in the tunnel here.

how to get fort flaptrap cat shines

5. The fifth and final Cat Shine Shard at Fort Flaptrap can be found just behind the lighthouse itself.

Show’s Over, Cat Magikoopas

For this one, you need to return to the top of Fort Flaptrap where you defeated the Cat Bullies. Here, you’ll find some Cat Magikoopas.

All you need to do is eliminate all of these to get the Cat Shine. They all begin on one of the switch platforms. All you want to do is jump so that the platform is underneath them, then use Cat Mario’s pounce ability to attack and quickly take care of them. It’s very easy using this method.

Blast the Fury Blocks – All Fort Flaptrap Cat Shines

From the front of Fort Flaptrap, head right and around towards its rear side. Here, you’ll find a cluster of about four Fury Blocks that can only be destroyed when Fury Bowser shows up and uses his flamethrower attack.

As soon as the sky goes all stormy, start making your way to these Fury Blocks. Once Bowser’s blasted them away, you’ll find a Cat Shine hiding at the very bottom.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get all Fort Flaptrap Cat Shines in Bowser’s Fury. Head over to our wiki for more tips and tricks, or check out our coverage on the game below.

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