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Bowser’s Fury: How to Fast Travel


Bowser’s Fury: How to Fast Travel

Lake Lapcat is a pretty big place, teeming with Cat Shines and other secrets to be found. While Plessie is there to help you from island-to-island by hopping on its back, some players may be looking for a means to fast travel in Bowser’s Fury. After all, time wasted riding Plessie is time that could be better spent hunting down Cat Shines. In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to unlock and use fast travel in Bowser’s Fury.

Unlocking Fast Travel

Fast travel must be unlocked in Bowser’s Fury and is done by completing the final boss battle against Giga Bowser upon reaching 45 Cat Shines and ringing the Giga Bell.

After the credits have rolled, load up your old save and Bowser Jr. will appear to let you know that Bowser is still on a rampage and you’ll need to find the remaining Cat Shines to stop him once and for all.

At this point, Bowser Jr. will also let you know he’s unlocked the fast travel ability to help you collect them all that little bit faster.

How to Fast Travel in Bowser’s Fury

To fast travel, simply press the Minus button (-) on your Nintendo Switch or Pro Controller to open the map.

You can then select any island on the map and hover over it with your pointer. You should then see the option to ‘Warp’ by pressing A appear just underneath the island’s little icon on the screen.

how to fast travel in bowser's fury

Simply press A and the game will almost instantaneously transport you to the chosen island. Fast travel in Bowser’s Fury can only be used to get to named islands, and not just wherever you select on the map.

For more on Bowser’s Fury, be sure to search for Twinfinite, or for more tips and tricks, check out our guide wiki.

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