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Genshin Impact: Is La Signora Playable? Answered

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Genshin Impact: Is La Signora Playable? Answered

Genshin Impact’s story introduces several interesting characters that aren’t immediately available to play with until a specific story mission. But what about the nefarious La Signora? Here’s what you need to know about whether she is playable.

Is La Signora Playable in Genshin Impact? Answered

La Signora, also known by her alias “The Fair Lady”, is No. 8 of the Eleven Harbingers of the Future, and she first appears during the third act of Genshin Impact’s prologue.

One wouldn’t normally expect the main villain of a video become to become playable, but given that Tartaglia, another member of the Eleven Harbingers of the Future, was recently added to the roster, players have already begun to wonder whether we might see something similar once again.

Further, we’ve already seen her Cryo abilities briefly showcased during one encounter with Venti, possibly further alluding to her being included sometime down the line.

The reality, though, is that we still don’t know whether Tartaglia’s entry to the roster was a one-off or a pattern, nor do we know if the teasing of Signora’s abilities actually means anything at all.

For now, she’s just a villainous character of the story who remains unplayable, and given that the whole story arc more or less around her villainy right now, it seems unlikely she would be introduced as playable any time soon. We’ll just have to wait and see. I can definitely see her joining forces with you to fight against the Abyss Order at some point.

We’re sorry to say that’s all the information we have so far about whether La Signora is playable in Genshin Impact. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to check out Twinfinite’s wiki.

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