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Escape from Tarkov: How to Unlock Peacekeeper Quests

escape from tarkov peacekeeper

Escape from Tarkov: How to Unlock Peacekeeper Quests

The Peacekeeper is a dealer from the UN Force in Escape from Tarkov that has plenty of different weapons, attachments, and other equipment that are sure to come in handy during your adventures across Tarkov. You can’t just dive straight into Escape from Tarkov’s Peacekeeper quests, though, you’ll need to unlock them first.

How to Get Peacekeeper Quests in Escape from Tarkov

The Peacekeeper quests are unlocked by completing the ‘Friend from the West Part 1’ and ‘Friend from the West Part 2’ quests from Skier.

While for the most part these are fairly straightforward quests, ‘Friend from the West Part 2’ does require you to hand over $6,000 to Skier. If you don’t have this, you won’t be able to complete the quest and unlock Peacekeeper’s questline. Dollars can be earned by purchasing them in exchange for Roubles, selling items to Peacekeeper, or simply found as loot throughout Tarkov.

After handing over the money to Skier and completing the quest, you’ll be told to wait for a call from Peacekeeper. This will then give you access to the questline.

All Peacekeeper Quests

There are 29 Peacekeeper quests in Escape from Tarkov. You can find the complete list below.

  1. Fishing Gear
  2. Tigr Safari
  3. Scrap Metal
  4. Eagle Eye
  5. Humanitarian Supplies
  6. The Cult – Part 1
  7. The Cult – Part 2
  8. Spa Tour – Part 1
  9. Spa Tour – Part 2
  10. Spa Tour – Part 3
  11. Spa Tour – Part 4
  12. Spa Tour – Part 5
  13. Spa Tour – Part 6
  14. Spa Tour – Part 7
  15. Cargo X – Part 1
  16. Cargo X – Part 2
  17. Cargo X – Part 3
  18. Wet Job – Part 1
  19. Wet Job – Part 2
  20. Wet Job – Part 3
  21. Wet Job – Part 4
  22. Wet Job – Part 5
  23. Mentor
  24. Wet Job – Part 6
  25. The Guide
  26. Samples
  27. TerraGroup Employee
  28. Lend Lease – Part 2
  29. Peacekeeping Mission

For more tips, tricks, and guides on Escape from Tarkov, be sure to search for Twinfinite or check out more of our coverage on the game below.

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