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Cyber Shadow: How To Get the Swag Blade & Use It

cyber shadow swag blade

Cyber Shadow: How To Get the Swag Blade & Use It

As you play through Cyber Shadow, you’ll pick up a wide range of different items that can protect you, damage enemies, or restore your Spirit meter. But no item is quite as fun as the Swag Blade. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get the Swag Blade and use it in Cyber Shadow.

How To Get the Swag Blade & Use It in Cyber Shadow

This giant shuriken connected to Shadow’s body with a chain swings around and hits enemies while you run through Cyber Shadow’s levels. There are a few different checkpoints where this item can be picked up throughout the game.

But the place where you’ll find this stylish item most often is in Mekacity Ruins. At multiple checkpoints leading up to the fight against Biohunter and at the checkpoint right before the boss fight, you’ll be able to get a Swag Blade drop.

All you need to do is spend 20 or 50 (later checkpoints cost 50) of the game’s currency at a checkpoint to unlock the Swag Blade item synthesis. The only catch is that the checkpoint has to have Swag Blade as the unlockable item or else you won’t be able to get it there. Plus, you’ll have to pay that fee for every checkpoint that lets you synthesize the Swag Blade.

Once you have it picked up, then the fun can begin. The most common way that you’ll control the Swag Blade is simply by moving around. If you jump, the blade will start swinging up and down. Moving side to side will start spinning it horizontally. Combining the two can make it orbit around Shadow.

If you want to really get swaggy, then you can even attack the Swag Blade. This will send the giant shuriken flying in the direction you hit it and then recoiling in the opposite direction. It’s a great technique for hitting enemies at a distance or for clearing out multiple enemies from a flat surface.

That’s all there is to know about how to get the swag blade and use it in Cyber Shadow. For more guides about all the latest games, just stick with Twinfinite.

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