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Best Co-op Games of 2020

best co-op 2020

Best Co-op Games of 2020

Award season is upon us here at Twinfinite, which means we get to honor some of the best games of the year! Let’s take a look back at the best co-op games of 2020.

Voted on by our editors, the following were the best games released this year where you worked together with others to overcome obstacles or just have some general fun. We will start with an honorable mention, and then our highest voted titles will receive the honors of runners-up and, of course, overall winner!

The Best Co-op Games of 2020

Honorable Mention: Grounded

Guides Editor Chris Jecks: I don’t think anyone really saw Obsidian Entertainment bringing a game like Grounded to the table before its announcement at XO19 in November 2019.

After all, Obsidian’s known for gritty, in-depth RPGs like Pillars of Eternity (and its sequel), The Outer Worlds, and Fallout: New Vegas way back when. Yet, when it released in early access in July of 2020, we got a zany, 90s-themed survival game that saw players shrunk down to the size of an ant as they overcame the obstacles and dangers of the backyard.

Playing the game solo, I honestly wasn’t the biggest fan. I’m not a survival aficionado and the many critters that had made the backyard their home kicked my ass over and over.

Team up with a group of friends, however, and the game comes into its own a lot more, allowing you to pool your resources together and beat seven shits out of a soldier ant simultaneously.

Uncovering the various secrets and areas of the backyard is just so much more enjoyable when you’re not constantly stressing about straying too far from your base with no back-up, and banding together to create a mega base among the towering blades of grass with your pals just feels right.

Getting creative with your friends in Grounded’s co-op mode yields just as much fun, too. See who can make the best base, challenge one another to a gauntlet of spiders and soldier ants, or just take on the story quests with your own modifiers and challenges thrown in to make things that little bit more interesting.

Grounded’s still in early access, and there are more quests, features, and other content coming in the future to keep you and your tiny pals perusing the backyard for hours on end. Just, please… no more spiders!

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