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4 Reasons Why Grounded Is a Win for Xbox


4 Reasons Why Grounded Is a Win for Xbox

It’s Bursting with Character

Grounded is the latest first-party console exclusive for Microsoft, courtesy of Obsidian Entertainment. That’s the same developer behind the fan-favorite Fallout: New Vegas, and 2019’s Outer Worlds.

The charm and writing that was front and center in both of these titles hasn’t gone anywhere this time around, either. Whichever character you pick, the writing is quality and you’ll frequently find yourself chuckling away at their commentary about the back yard environment and creepy crawlies that dwarf them in size now.

This may not seem like a huge win on the surface, but it shows that Microsoft is beginning to move away from its ‘dude bro shooter’ stereotype that the likes of Gears of War (it’ll always be my beloved, though) and Halo had helped form.

If you want a taste of what we mean, just check out the trailer shown during Microsoft’s July 20/20 event for peak Obsidian humor.

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