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Obsidian’s Next RPG Avowed Announced During Xbox Games Showcase

Xbox Games Showcase

Obsidian’s Next RPG Avowed Announced During Xbox Games Showcase

During the Xbox Games Showcase today, Obsidian Entertainment announced their next big RPG titled Avowed.

The trailer for Avowed, which can be viewed below, features the dark fantasy world of Eora. It’s mostly a cinematic trailer, but we get a brief glimpse of a brandished sword in one hand and what looks like a spell in the other.

The trailer also features a stern voiceover that states “We have always known war. It forged our empire. Turned heroes into queens and kings, and decimated our foes. Now our oaths are lost. Forsaken. And you must face the monsters our sins have born. Is an oath worth the weight of a crown?”

The trailer only gives a very brief look into the world of Eora from this perspective, but Eora is the same world where Pillars of Eternity is set in.

Avowed has been developed to take full advantage of the power of Xbox Series X. There is currently no release date set for Avowed, but it will be available on Xbox Game Pass.

This wasn’t the only game Obsidian showcased today, you can also check out the trailer for Grounded and The Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon DLC.

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