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These 6 Reveals Would Make the Game Awards 2020 a Night To Remember


These 6 Reveals Would Make the Game Awards 2020 a Night To Remember

The Game Awards are happening this Thursday, and although the big show is mostly filled with ads, ads and more ads, there are always some big video game-related announcements and reveals to look forward to, as well as the awards themselves.

This leads us to our predictions for Geoff Keighley’s December show. What can we expect to see this coming Thursday night? Let’s dive into what we think is bound to happen.

Uncharted Film Trailer

The Game Awards Predictions

tom holland nathan drake uncharted

There are multiple celebrity figures scheduled to present some awards during the big show this week, and among that list is none other than Tom Holland.

Holland is huge in the film world at the moment, having starred as Spider-Man in the recent MCU films, and the actor is also playing the role of Nathan Drake in the upcoming live-action adaptation of Uncharted.

We got some teaser images of Holland on the set of the film this year, but there has yet to be an actual trailer. The Game Awards could be the perfect place for the first tease to pop up, giving fans a little taste of the summer 2021 film.

Expect to see Tom Holland climbing lots of things, shooting lots of bad guys, and then climbing some more stuff. Ooh, maybe there will even be a train sequence or two.

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