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Y’all, Kratos Can Break It Down in Fortnite

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Y’all, Kratos Can Break It Down in Fortnite

Epic Games’ new Fortnite season kicked off this week, and this time it’s all about bounties and hunters. Somehow, Kratos was added to the game and rumors are swirling that Halo’s Master Chief and even Samus from Metroid could be popping up, but neither has been confirmed just yet.

Anyways, people have been posting the most hilarious videos, gifs, and images of Kratos performing some of the wacky dances that you can unlock in Fortnite. It’s very weird to see the iconic angry ol’ man from God of War doing the Say So dance, I’m just saying. But, it’s also very hard not to laugh just a little bit.

OK, Kratos! I see you! I wonder if Atreus inherited some of those sweet dance moves.

For some reason, I’m slightly more excited for Ragnarok now.

I swear, this game is cursed.

Kratos’ glow up is legit.

You love to see it.

If God of War Ragnarok doesn’t have dance emotes, I don’t want it.

And just one more for good measure.

For more on the latest season of Fortnite, here’s a guide on how to actually get the new Kratos skin and also that new Mandalorian skin.

(Featured image via mrpyo1)

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