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Cyberpunk 2077: I Fought the Law Quest Guide

cyberpunk 2077, I Fought the Law Quest Guide

Cyberpunk 2077: I Fought the Law Quest Guide

There are dozens of “Side Gig” quest arcs in CD Projekt Red’s latest action-RPG, and many of these feature some of the best writing and most interesting characters in the entire game. If you’re looking for a cool film-noir, techno-sleuth-style story then there’s one, in particular, you should check out. Here’s an I Fought the Law Cyberpunk 2077 quest guide to help you through.

I Fought the Law Cyberpunk 2077 Quest Guide

As alluded to above, this side gig introduces you to detective Rivers, a fairly major supporting character that you can form a bond with throughout subsequent quests after its completion.

It begins, though, with meeting Elizabeth Peralez and her husband, Jefferson, who explain that they’re suspicious about the nature of Mayor Lucius Ryne’s untimely death, and they want V to look into it.

That means observing a Brain Dance (BD) recording first and foremost, which you’ll watch and scan for details as per usual. There are seven to find, including five visual and two audio.

You’re then put in touch with Detective Rivers, who you’ll meet at the Chubby Buffalo restaurant. After a conversation with Rivers, both he and you will then go in search of leads: an informant (who runs away and must be caught), and a lady called Christine Markov.

The information you learn there leads you to a secret night club called The Queen’s Race, but you aren’t able to simply waltz through the front door. Instead, access is strictly through a nearby warehouse building. Specifically, within a container right in the middle that you’ll have to open. There are two ways to get inside this warehouse, either through the front (aggro) or around the back (stealth).

The container that hides the entrance to The Queen’s Race

Once inside the club, you need to reach the office at the very back on the second floor. Here you can watch security footage that reveals the Mayor’s deputy, Weldon Holt, was behind the death of the Mayor, and Rivers’ partner Han covered it all up.

You and Rivers will then go and confront Han, who basically brushes off his actions as just business as usual in Night City.

You can then speak with Rivers and either suggest to pursue or drop the case against Holtz and Han.

From here, it’s time to return to Elizabeth Peralez and explain what has happened. You can either choose to tell the truth or lie, it doesn’t really matter.

Hopefully, this I Fought the Law Cyberpunk 2077 quest guide was useful. For more useful tips and information on the game, be sure to check out Twinfinite’s guide wiki.

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