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Black Ops Cold War: How to Get MAC-10 SMG

black ops cold war mac-10

Black Ops Cold War: How to Get MAC-10 SMG

The MAC-10 SMG is one of the brand-new weapons being introduced in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War’s Season 1. Alongside a new Warzone map, multiplayer maps and modes, Zombies modes and new challenges for players to grind out, the MAC-10 offers players what is essentially the MP7 of the Cold War world. In this guide, we’ll run you through how to get the MAC-10 SMG in Black Ops Cold War.

The MAC-10 SMG is a fully-automatic submachine gun. It has the fastest fire rate in the SMG class, but that comes at the cost of a higher vertical recoil. The other trade-off here comes from improved handling speeds, but at the expense of reduced damage.

If you can stick with the weapon for long enough, however, you’ll unlock a number of weapon attachments that can help offset these downsides.

How to Unlock MAC-10 in Black Ops Cold War

As one of the two brand-new weapons in Season 1, the MAC-10 can be unlocked by reaching Tier 15 on the Battle Pass. The good news is that the MAC-10 can be unlocked regardless of whether you buy the Premium Battle Pass, or just stick with the free one.

black ops cold war mac-10

That being said, if you play a lot of Black Ops Cold War, we’d recommend getting the Battle Pass as you’ll unlock it far faster. The Season 1 Battle Pass is available for 1,000 CP, or you can spend 2,400 CP to get 20 Tiers for free, unlocking the MAC-10 immediately.

You’ll also be able to earn your CP back if you grind out enough Tiers on the Battle Pass, meaning you won’t have to cough up real-life money for the Season 2 Battle Pass in the future.

For more tips and tricks on Black Ops Cold War Season 1. Head over to our guide wiki, or check out more of our coverage below

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