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Yakuza Like a Dragon Cat Locations Guide: Where to Find Every Lost Cat

Yakuza Like a Dragon, All Lost Cats Location Guide

Yakuza Like a Dragon Cat Locations Guide: Where to Find Every Lost Cat

One of the harder side quests in Yakuza Like a Dragon sees you tasked with tracking down cats throughout the city, and you wouldn’t be blamed for wanting a little help with the endeavor. That’s why we’ve done the leg work and compiled a guide on where to find every lost cat in Yakuza Like a Dragon.

Where to Find Every Cat in Yakuza Like a Dragon

To start, it’s worth noting that no cats will appear for you to find in Yakuza Like a Dragon until you’ve visited the office of Part-Time Hero’s founder, Hiro. It can be found in the upper-left corner of the map, and is in the same building as Cafe Brava.

We’ve included a screenshot down below for your reference.

Once there, head inside and take the elevator at the back of the building up to the third floor. You’ll then be treated to a cutscene where he explains that he takes in stray cats, which are scattered around the office. Once the cutscene ends, you’ll be able to leave the building.

As soon as you do though, you’ll receive a message from Hiro saying that all nine of his cats have escaped. He’ll then offer you a reward if you can find them all and get them back home safely.

It should be noted that this part of the quest is finnicky and may depend on your Part Time Hero rank. If it doesn’t prompt after you leave, complete some hero tasks and then enter and exit the building again. It should prompt after a few tries.

Every Lost Cat’s Location

Once the quest has prompted, you’ll then be able to find the nine lost cats scattered throughout Yakuza Like a Dragon’s city of Yokohama. We’ve detailed the location of each cat down below, and have included screenshots and directions to make sure you can find them as easily as possible.

The first cat is located directly West of the Homeless camp in the lower-left corner of the map. It’ll be along Sumire street, on top of a green washing machine outside of a house and next to a blue bucket.

The next cat is to the Southeast of the Homeless camp, on the upper level of a parking garage found in the lower-middle section of the map. it’s the same parking garage where you can talk to Kan to play the can collecting minigame.

Head to the parking garage, and then circle around the lower level until you come to a ladder. Climb up it, and then look to your left. You’ll see the cat resting behind a car.

The next lost cat you can find in Yakuza Like a Dragon is in the bar district, to the south of Survive Bar.

From Survive Bar, head south into the district and look for the giant white face statue. In a doorway on the left side of the statue, you’ll find a cat nestled away in a corner.

Cat number four is located to the northeast of Survive Bar, near the overpass and west of Jinai Station.

Make your way to the point shown above, and then look for the cat behind a gate. It’ll be standing on top of a dumpster. When you find it, circle around the gate and head back toward the cat to get it to safety.

The fifth cat can be found near the entrance to the Liumang’s hideout, Restaurant Row. It’s not inside it, but just outside of the entrance.

Head toward the entrance to Restaurant Row, and then head all the way down the alley until you reach a food cart. The cat will be to your right, tucking in-between two very close alley walls.

The sixth lost cat you can find in Yakuza Like a Dragon is in Yokohama’s Chinatown. down an alley at its center.

Head to the alley and keep your eyes out for a protruding bit of architecture on the sides of the buildings. The missing feline will be napping on said architecture.

Number seven is located to the west of Ounabara Vocational School, outside of the massive unenterable building in the upper center of the map.

From Ounabara, head west toward the protruding staircase-shaped portion of the building on the map above. Then, make your way around the building going right. In a corner of the building, you’ll find the cat resting on top of a green generator.

Cat number nine is located in the middle of the park area found in the Northeast corner of the map.

Head to the middle of the park, and then look for a water fountain across from a large tree and a flag pole. The cat will be hiding underneath thev fountain.

The ninth cat you’ll need to find in Yakuza Like a Dragon is located in the upper-left corner of the map, near the batting facility and sports field.

Head toward the point shown on the map above, and then circle around the rectangular building. You’ll eventually see the cat resting between a white cabinet and some trees.

Where to Find Robson in Yakuza Like a Dragon

Once you’ve found all nine lost felines, you’ll be told to return to Hiro for a reward. He’ll give you a large sum of money for your efforts, and then reveal that there’s still one more cat that he needs you to track down: Robson, a stray who frequently runs away from him and can’t normally be caught.

He’ll give you a hint as to where to find him, though it’s a bit vague. All he says is that Robson is athletic, and that he can reach places normal cats can’t.

Regardless, Robson can be found in the furthest right corner of the map, on the edge of the park area.

Head to the location shown on the map above. There, you’ll find a stage with some walkways leading up the hill behind it. Head up the hill on the left side of the stage, and you’ll find Robson perched on a light pole to your right.

What You Get for Finding Every Cat in the Game

Once you’ve found Robson in Yakuza Like a Dragon, you’ll have found every lost cat in the game, and you’ll be rewarded justly.

Once you return to Hiro and speak with him, he’ll give you another huge sum of money and Robson’s Poundmates contact info. With it, you can summon Robson into battle for ¥50,000, where he’ll turn into a tiger and cut enemies into ribbons. If they manage to survive the attack, they have a high chance of being charmed, turning them against any other surviving allies.

Hopefully this helped you figure out the location of every lost cat in Yakuza Like a Dragon. For more on the game, check out some of our other guides on topics like whether there are romance options and how long it takes to beat.

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