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The Eighth Console Generation’s 8 Biggest Winners & Losers


The Eighth Console Generation’s 8 Biggest Winners & Losers

Video Game Franchise Winner: Assassin’s Creed

The video game industry has largely been built on sequels, but there are few IPs as longstanding as Assassin’s Creed. Fewer still have evolved and reinvented themselves with quite the same degree of success in the process.

It was an initiative that was forced on Ubisoft after years of repeating the same blueprint year after year that seemed to tire its fans out. That and the wonky launch of Assassin’s Creed Unity saw interest in the series reach an all-time low by the time Syndicate launched in 2015.

Fast forward two years to the launch of Origins and the entire focus of Ubisoft’s game design for Assassin’s Creed had shifted. From action game to action-role-playing game, and largely dumping the convoluted lore of the series’ modern-day storyline, Origins felt like a reset button.

And what a massive success the series has been ever since, attracting all-new audiences of players who revel in its new progression mechanics, deeper customization options, and even larger and content-rich open-worlds.

Odyssey, and now more recently Valhalla, have built on those improvements, refining the experience into an epic RPG experience that stands toe-toe with the genre’s best games.

Now, regardless of whether you think any of the three modern Assassin’s Creed games top the likes of Black Flag (ever the go-to answer of which game is best in the series according to purists) or not, it would be hard to deny they aren’t at least in the discussion.

Odyssey proved that Origins could get better, and Valhalla has now hit the mark again; overall, the series’ stock feels as though it’s never been higher.

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