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Miles Morales: How to Do Wall Takedowns

miles morales wall takedowns

Miles Morales: How to Do Wall Takedowns

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is finally out for the PS4 and PS5 and players take control of Miles as he works to save New York City from some evil villains and in turn, his neighborhood. Similar to Peter Parker, Miles Morales has tons of neat spider…man abilities under his belt, including some that can stealthily take out enemies while you’re hanging out on a wall. Here’s how to do wall takedowns in Miles Morales for PS4 and PS5.

How to Do Wall Takedowns in Miles Morales

When you’re raiding some of the Roxxon labs or completing other side activities in Miles Morales, there are times when your bonus objective will task you with performing a certain number of wall takedowns.

There’s also a trophy in Miles Morales called ‘Climbing the Walls’ that requires you to do 25 wall takedowns. Essentially, you’re going to need to know how to do these if you want the platinum trophy for the game.

To successfully perform this move, you need to use the square button to take out enemies while you are crawling on a wall or another surface that the enemy can be webbed onto.

The best place to do this is one of the Roxxon labs, since they are inside of buildings with four walls around you, making it easy to pull off.

Crawl onto a wall and make sure you’re high enough so that enemies can’t see you and then wait until someone walks underneath you and then you’ll see a prompt appear that will tell you to press the Square button to perform a wall takedown.

If you’re having trouble hiding from people and doing this stealthily, you can always use your camouflage ability and go invisible by pressing the up button on the d-pad of your PlayStation controller.

It’s worth noting that if you’re on a wall and attack an enemy with the Triangle button, this is not the same as a wall takedown and you will not complete the bonus objectives and won’t get closer to unlocking the trophy.

Hopefully this guide helped you figure out how to do wall takedowns in Miles Morales. If you’re on the hunt for even more tips and tricks, check out these guides on how to find all of the postcards and five things to do once you wrap up the story mode.

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