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Destiny 2 Europa Class: Perdition Stasis Sealed Chest Location

destiny 2 europa class

Destiny 2 Europa Class: Perdition Stasis Sealed Chest Location

After completing Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s campaign, you’ll be treated to quite the laundry list of things to do to ensure the safety of Europa going forward, and the development of your newly acquired stasis powers. If you’re here, you’re likely after the Destiny 2 Europa Class Quest which tasks you with “looking for a Stasis-sealed chest in Perdition.” In this guide we’re going to walk you through where to go to complete this.

Europa Class Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Perdition Stasis Sealed Chest Location

Perdition, in case you weren’t aware when you clicked into this guide, is not a location you can find right away on the map. It’s actually a Lost Sector. That’s where the Europa Class item chest is hiding. Here’s the location of the Lost Sector.

destiny 2 perdition lost sector

To get to perdition and loot the Europa Class chest, spawn into Charron’s Crossing and head north and west up to Cadmus Ridge. The entrance is shown in the photo below.

destiny 2 perdition location

From there simply enter the lost sector and proceed on a little bit. Keep in mind that the recommended power for Perdition is 1210, so it might be a little rough going if you want to proceed.

Fortunately, the Destiny 2 Europa Class chest isn’t deep in. You’ll find it in the first room with enemies, shown in the photo below.

destiny 2 europa class

Loot it and you’re done. Simply return to Variks to complete the quest and earn your class item armor reward. The armor piece is one part of a new set that you’ll slowly unlock through Variks to make your guardian look like the ones in the Beyond Light trailers.

That’s all you need to know about Destiny 2’s Europa Class chest in Perdition for Destiny 2: Beyond Light. For more on Destiny 2’s latest expansion, head over to our Beyond Light wiki.

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