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Destiny 2 Arugula Error Code Fix (Xbox Beyond Light)


Destiny 2 Arugula Error Code Fix (Xbox Beyond Light)

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is here, and as is tradition, there are a lot of things broken and error codes have spiked up. The Arugula error code is one that we have seen before in Destiny 2, but has increased in frequency particularly with Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions of the game. Here’s what we know about what you can do to fix Destiny 2 Arugula Error Code for Xbox.

How to Fix Arugula Error Code Destiny 2 On Xbox

Bungie Help is normally very open about persistent error codes and provides updates on what is going on. Strangely, though, they have been a bit quiet on the Arugula error code for Xbox which has prevented a lot of players from completing single-player activities and campaign missions.

From what we can see, they have not directly addressed error code Arugula on Xbox for Beyond Light on Twitter. However, it is listed as a known issue, so at the very least it is on their radar.

As of right now, there’s no fix to Arugula for Xbox if you’re getting it other than trying a few things to see if it works. Obviously, you can try just reloading, but what myself and others have found is that if you’re getting it then you’re just getting it and it doesn’t really go away.

You might be able to play for a bit longer though before it rears its ugly head, but there’s nothing more frustrating than losing mission progress because of it.

You could also try and a full uninstall and reinstall of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, but there’s no guarantee that will work either.

For now, your best bet for a fix is to stay tuned to the Bungie Blog where they post bug updates and the Bungie Help Twitter as well to see if they give exact instructions how to fix the Arugula error code for Xbox players (and PS4 and PC as well if you’re getting it too).

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