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Bugsnax: How to Get More Sauce

bugsnax, get more sauce

Bugsnax: How to Get More Sauce

Each creature in Bugsnax is caught in a different way. Some just require some patience, but others require you to shoot a type of sauce around to attract them to your Snak Trap or net. Each type of sauce comes from a different location and it’s easy to run out quickly when trying to catch a particularly slippery snak. So that you’re not running around the map too much, here’s everything you need to know about how to get more sauce in Bugsnax.

Sauce is collected throughout the map, but there are some places to go to get more of each. Also, you’ll slowly get access to more as you progress, starting with Ketchup.

How to Get More Sauce in Bugsnax

First, it’s worth running down where you’ll you’ll find each type of sauce naturally, before we move into where to get extra.

Ketchup – Garden Grove, where you’re first introduced to sauces by Wampus, is where to find Ketchup.

Hot Sauce – The Scorched Gorge is where you’ll find Hot Sauce first, but you should be able to find some on the left of Sizzlin’ Sands.

Chocolate – Chocolate is the trickiest sauce to find in Bugsnax. Snaxburg is the best place to find it.

Peanut Butter – Sugarpine Woods is the best place to find Peanut Butter. It’s everywhere.

Cheese Sauce – You’ll only find cheese sauce in Sizzlin’ Sands, up high by where you talk to Shelda. You’ll need to use the Snak Grappler to grab it though. Just aim and fire and you’ll grab the five cheese sauce that’s there.

Now, to get more from one place, without having to travel around to collect them from their own biomes, you can head to Wampus’ farm in Snaxburg.

Bugsnax, sauce

If you’ve previously found the sauce type somewhere else, Wampus will start to grow it and you can collect from from the single plant there. You’ll then be able to make sure you have at least some of each type of sauce before you travel somewhere.

Otherwise, just try to stock up with sauce when you see a plant somewhere, so that you’re not out of it when you actually need it.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get more sauce in Bugsnax. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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