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7 Things To Do First on Your PS5


7 Things To Do First on Your PS5

The PS5 has finally arrived, bringing native 4K, 60 FPS goodness into our living rooms with a library of hotly anticipated titles on the horizon. Chances are you couldn’t help yourself from tearing open the box and getting your shiny new system all plugged in. Who could blame you? Nobody, that’s who! Anyway, if you’re looking for other things you should do now that you’re ready to turn it on, we’ll give you a quick rundown to ensure you’re all set-up and ready for thousands of hours of happiness in the coming years.

Get Signed In & Set Up

things to do first ps5

First and foremost, you need to do the usual set-up process. You’ll need to connect your PS5 to your Wi-Fi and then sign into your PlayStation Network account.

Both of these are required because… well… online’s a big thing now if you hadn’t noticed. Your PS5 will need to do updates, and you’ll want to be online so you can access Bugsnax for free (if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber) and play with your friends.

Signing into the PSN account you used on your PS4 will see all of your trophies and your friends list move over with you onto the PS5. That means you can still boast about all those Platinum trophies!

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