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Watch Dogs Legion: How to Dodge & Counter Attacks

watch dogs legion, dodge and counter

Watch Dogs Legion: How to Dodge & Counter Attacks

Watch Dogs Legion is the third entry in Ubisoft’s futuristic, sci-fi open world franchise and it marks a pretty radical change in the series. Instead of having a set protagonist that you follow throughout the story, players can now take control of multiple operatives and even recruit new characters in the open world. The base gameplay is still largely intact, however. Here’s how to dodge and counter attacks in Watch Dogs Legion.

Dodge and Counter Attacks in Watch Dogs Legion

Melee combat can be a pretty big part of Watch Dogs Legion, especially if you want to refrain from using lethal force. As you explore the city of London and tackle all of the side content that the game has to offer, you’ll inevitably have to check out the Bare Knuckle League, which forces you to engage in hand to hand combat with other NPCs. In this scenario, it’s important to know how to dodge and counter attacks.

First off, you can dodge attacks by pressing the circle button on PS4, or the B button if you’re on Xbox One. The dodge is pretty quick, and if you hit the button while pushing the left stick in a specific direction, your character will dodge in that direction as well.

If you manage to time it just right, you can dodge an enemy’s attack perfectly, and that will open up an opportunity for you to counter. Just before an enemy manages to hit you, press the dodge button and time will slow down for just a second. During this short interval, press the melee button (square on PS4, and X on Xbox One) to strike back, and you’ll be able to hit your enemy with a powerful counterattack.

Being able to dodge and counter attacks is important as it allows you to get more damage in, and it can also stun enemies for a bit, letting you get a few more free hits.

That’s all you need to know about how to dodge and counter attacks in Watch Dogs Legion. Be sure to search for Twinfinite or check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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