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Watch Dogs Legion: Beginner Tips & Tricks


Watch Dogs Legion: Beginner Tips & Tricks

Watch Dogs Legion is finally getting released this week, and with the new element of being able to play as NPC in the game being such a radical change for the series, we’ve put together a short list of beginner tips to help get you started.

Your First Operative Doesn’t Really Matter

watch dogs legion, beginner tips

After playing through the tutorial level in Watch Dogs Legion, the game will start proper and you’ll have the option of choosing your first playable character. To be completely honest, all of them are kind of crappy, with maybe the exception of one or two that come with abilities that can aid you in the early hours of the game.

You may want to consider picking the character who takes slightly less damage in combat, or the one who can decrease heat level faster than normal. The early hours of the game can be a little rough as you’re still getting used to combat, and since there’s no way to actively restore your health, it can be a good idea to go for the character who decreases damage taken.

In short, though, you don’t really have to worry too much about who you pick as your first operative in Watch Dogs Legion. The early missions will guide you towards getting new operatives to expand your roster, and you’ll have a lot of characters at your disposal.

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