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The Best League of Legends Music Videos, All 17 Ranked

best league of legends music videos ranked

The Best League of Legends Music Videos, All 17 Ranked

Riot Games has been producing and releasing League of Legends music videos and animations a few times a year for the past seven years. Each one has a specific intent, often to hype up the world tournament for that season, and Riot is even moving on to develop a TV show.

Following the recent release of Take Over, the latest music video, we’re taking a look back at 17 music videos Riot has released over the years and ranking them from worst to best.

17. Worlds Collide: The Final (2015)

Perhaps this one suffers a bit from age, as it is one of the earliest League of Legends music videos to date. The music is on par with everything else Riot has produced, but the video itself lacks the animated content that many of their later ones use. Instead, it relies on actual footage of events, the only video to date to do that.

The moments the video highlights are historic moments that will always be remembered by the community, but they both get in the way of the music and create a weird conflict within the video between the images of the lights representing the current year, and the memories of past losers and winners. This would not be as big of an issue had Riot not gone on to create some incredible pieces of work.

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