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Genshin Impact: How to Get Brilliant Diamond Silver

genshin impact brilliant diamond silver

Genshin Impact: How to Get Brilliant Diamond Silver

If you’re looking to continue leveling the Adventurer in Genshin Impact, you’ll eventually reach a point where you need Brilliant Diamond Silver. The problem is, this diamond silver is impossible to find just lying around in the game’s beautiful world, and instead, you’ll need to put in some serious work to get it. In this guide, well talk you through how to get Brilliant Diamond Silver in Genshin Impact.

Getting Brilliant Diamond Silver

To get Brilliant Diamond Silver in Genshin Impact you must reach Adventure Rank Level 15. Once you reach this level, you’ll find the Brilliant Diamond Silver in your inventory, which can then be used as part of the character ascension to level up your character and make them stronger.

The easiest way to increase your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact is to simply explore the world and complete the various Domains, Commissions, Tasks, and Archon Quests that you stumble upon. Discovering Statues of the Seven and Teleport points, and opening chests will also increase your rank.

It’s also worth remembering that after reaching a certain point in the game, players will unlock and be able to complete Daily Quests. These earn you 250 XP per quest, and 400 XP upon completion of each quest. They’re reset daily, so can be a constant source of Adventure XP so you never have to truly worry about it.

The other items you’ll require in order to ascend your other characters will require you to reach the “With Wind Comes Glory” shop in Mondstadt.

There you have everything you need to know on how to get Brilliant Diamond Silver in Genshin Impact. Head on over to our guide wiki for more tips and tricks, or check out more of our coverage and guides on the game below.

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