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Avengers Game: How to Sprint & Run Faster

Marvel's Avengers, How to Sprint and Run Faster

Avengers Game: How to Sprint & Run Faster

As beautiful as the environments in Marvel’s Avengers are, there will likely come a time when you want to forgo examining every minute detail and get through areas as fast as possible. That’s why we’re here with a guide to help you figure out how to sprint and run faster in Avengers Game.

How to Sprint and Run Faster in Avengers Game

Sprinting and running faster in Marvel’s Avengers isn’t that hard to pull off, as it’s a key mechanic of the game.

While actively moving and controlling any Hero in the game, simply press L3 on the PlayStation 4 or LS on the Xbox One to send them into a sprint. Once you do, they’ll start running faster in whatever direction you’re moving them with the Left Analogue Stick.

This will remain active until they come to a full stop, after which you’ll need to press the button again to reactivate it.

So long as you’re not barreling toward enemies that are significantly stronger than you, sprinting is the way to go if you want to get through levels quickly. It can likewise help you reposition your character to a better vantage point for nailing certain enemies with AOE attacks, or help get them out of the way of a heavy damage-dealing attack in the nick of time.

Observe whatever situation you’re in, and try to use sprinting accordingly to maximize its effectiveness.

That’s all there is to know about how to sprint and run faster in Marvel’s Avengers. For more on the game, consider checking out our guide wiki. It has a number of guides filled with tips, tricks and information on hot topics like what the max hero level cap is and how to play co-op multiplayer.

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