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Genshin Impact: Best Characters

genshin impact, best characters

Genshin Impact: Best Characters

While the maximum party size in Genshin Impact is five, there are actually 24 playable characters in the game. Each of these characters has their own unique combination of attributes and attack styles, and they all draw on a certain elemental type. But which are the best characters in Genshin Impact? Well, we’re here to run you through a tier of who we consider the best based on the current meta.

Best Characters in Genshin Impact

Before we jump into our tier ranking, it’s worth noting that although the five-star characters are obviously the best, they aren’t necessarily vital for completing the game and having fun along the way.

Ultimately, you enjoy playing is really the best character to use. If you like a certain character for their appearance, attack style, and special attributes then, honestly, don’t worry yourself too much about whether they appear at the very top of this list. Just have fun, level your character, and experiment with builds.

Most characters are viable for the end game and Spiral Abyss. In our experience, Genshin Impact is more about finding the best party set-up than getting the most powerful individual characters.

Finally, do make sure that whoever you go for as your main characters suit both the device you’re playing on and the type of attack style you are good at. For example, maybe choosing a ranged character isn’t such a good idea if you’re a mobile player since aiming is much harder on a touchscreen.

Now, with that all being said, here’s a list of best characters in Genshin Impact:

Diluc – 5 Star, Sword

Best Characters in Genshin Impact

Best Characters in Genshin Impact

A fire elemental character that deals massive damage (has been majorly buffed since the beta), Diluc is useful both targeting a single enemy and for his AOE utility.

Overall, he has a great range of different attacks that all combo into each other, which is not only fun to play but seriously powerful. If you pull Diluc, you’ve got yourself the absolute best DPS in the meta right now.

As a bonus, Fire is obviously also a useful element when exploring since it’s used to destroy obstacles.

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