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Games Like Marvel’s Avengers If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Marvel's Avengers

Games Like Marvel’s Avengers If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Destiny 2

Games Like Marvel’s Avengers Game

games like marvel's avengers game

There are quite a few different directions we can go in when it comes to picking out games like the latest Marvel’s Avengers game, but the easiest and most direct comparison to make is with arguably the most popular looter of this generation: Destiny 2.  

Destiny 2 shares a lot in common with the Avengers game. In both games you’re playing as a nearly unstoppable superhero of sorts. There’s a power fantasy of you being able to handle hordes of enemies without having too much trouble, provided you’re playing intelligently. 

Both games are also very heavy on the loot. You’ll constantly be looking for better armor, better accessories, and better weapons to raise your gear level and survive in harder scenarios. 

Where the two differ though, is in focus. Destiny 2 is primarily focused on its gameplay experience. The lore is quite deep, but the story takes a back seat to the endgame experience which is loaded with lots of different things to do including multiple raids.

In Avengers though, the focus (or at least its strength) lies more in its story telling. The campaign is more robust and there are lots of side activities which teach you more about all the different playable Avengers. However, the endgame isn’t nearly as developed as Destiny 2’s.  

If you enjoyed the gameplay of Avengers but wanted a bit more on the endgame, Destiny 2 would be a great game to give a shot, especially since a lot of the experience early on is free to play, giving you ample no-risk game time to see if it’s for you.

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