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5 Ways That Fall Guys Can Keep Itself Relevant


5 Ways That Fall Guys Can Keep Itself Relevant

Fast-Paced Seasonal Schedule

fall guys

By far the most important factor in Fall Guys not turning into a short-lived fad is that it needs to constantly evolve in a similar fashion that other battle royale games such as Fortnite have done.

Fall Guys is a very fun game, but if there’s one consistent knock on it is that it can get quite a bit repetitive. There’s a limited amount of minigames and the chase for a crown will only sustain some players for so long, especially if they have already won one before.

Fortunately, it appears that developer Mediatonic recognizes this and is going to be giving Fall Guys frequent updates through their planned seasonal model.

Despite Fall Guys only being about a month old, Mediatonic has already teased Season 2. It will be a Medieval-themed season and will feature appropriately themed costumes and new minigames too.

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