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Is Among Us Crossplay? Answered

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Is Among Us Crossplay? Answered

The beautify of modern gaming is that even if you have a game on a different platform, there is still the possibility to play with friends via crossplay. Fans of InnerSloth’s newest murder mystery title, Among Us, are hoping that is the case, as the game is a blast to play with friends. Here is everything you need to know about if Among Us is crossplay.

The goal of the game is that players must find an kill the imposter among their crew before it kills them. Currently, Among Us is available for PC and mobile devices.

Is Among Us Crossplay?

Thankfully, Among Us does allow PC and mobile players to get together and enjoy the game. All you have to do to make sure that you can play across both platforms is to select the Online section in the game’s menu.

From her, be sure to select a private session. Doing so allows you to invite players from either PC or mobile, as long as they have the room code.

Enter the code and start the game and you’ll be all set. Now you and your friends can find out which one of you is trying to kill everyone else.

How to play Among Us crossplay:

  1. Open up your PC or moblie version of the game and go to the Online menu.

  2. Once inside, select a private session.

  3. Give out the room code to whatever players you want to join and start the game.

    Regardless of whether they are on PC or mobile, anyone with a room code can hop into an Among Us game.

That is everything you need to know about if Among Us is crossplay. If you’ve still got your eye out for any other guides, be sure to search Twinfinite, as there are plenty of tips, tricks, and FAQs for InnerSloth’s newest murder mystery game inside.

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