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Spiritfarer: How to Meditate

Spiritfarer, How to Meditate

Spiritfarer: How to Meditate

There are a number of features and mechanics in Spiritfarer that may fly completely under your radar, either because their uses aren’t made apparent or because it isn’t explained where you can use them. Meditation is one such mechanic, and that’s why we’re here to walk you through how to meditate in Spiritfarer.

How to Meditate in Spiritfarer

Meditating in Spiritfarer is fairly easy to unlock and use, so long as you prioritize the Spirit Summer’s questline.

Found early on in the game, Summer is the snake whose past traumas are symbolized by giant Dragons corrupted by veins of metal on their body. Finding and helping said Dragons, as well as finding certain materials and building specific structures, will move her questline along. This will eventually lead to a request to help her find a specific spot where she can meditate and reflect.

Focus on completing her requests, and then travel to the point where she wishes to find a good spot to meditate. Then, proceed through the area until you find the spot she’s satisfied with, after which she’ll teach you how to meditate at similar spots scattered throughout the game by pressing the Square button on PlayStation 4, the X button on Xbox One or the Y button on the Nintendo Switch.

These spots will typically appear as small smatterings of trees in relaxing or soothing areas.

When You Should Meditate

After this point, you’ll be able to meditate whenever you happen upon one of these spots in Spiritfarer, though there are some times that are better than others to do so.

Meditating will cause time to pass and force the day/night cycle into night. While doing this may be inopportune if you’re trying to travel to a specific location, it can be highly useful for triggering quests that only occur at night and help you speed up otherwise drawn-out questlines.

Hopefully this cleared up how to meditate in Spiritfarer. For more on the game, check out our guides on other topics like how to get glass and how to get Spirit Flowers.

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