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FFXIV Patch 5.3: How to Start the Puppets’ Bunker NieR Alliance Raid

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FFXIV Patch 5.3: How to Start the Puppets’ Bunker NieR Alliance Raid

This week finally saw the release of the long awaited patch 5.3 for Final Fantasy XIV and it’s a very exciting one. Not only does it bring the rework for the ARR storyline and continue the Shadowbringers arc, it also continues the story of the new NieR: Automata-themed Alliance raid. Here’s how to start the Puppets’ Bunker NieR Alliance raid in FFXIV.

Starting the Puppets’ Bunker Raid in FFXIV

First things first, you need to have completed the first part of this three-act Alliance raid story. The first raid, called the Copied Factory was added into the game a while back, and you’ll need to clear that first before you can access the new content.

We have a guide on that to help you get started if you’re just getting back into the game.

After that, you can continue the story by heading to Kholusia and speaking with the Dig Site Chief at X:34.7, Y:18.2. Simply follow the objective markers and watch the cutscenes and the next quest will automatically unlock the Puppets’ Bunker Alliance raid, which is the second main part of this story.

Puppets’ Bunket Alliance raid FFXIV

In addition to that, it’s worth noting that your item level needs to be at least 465. You should be able to reach this level pretty easily by grinding Copied Factory gear, or doing your daily roulettes and purchasing gear at Eulmore with your earned tomestones.

Once you meet that level requirement, you can queue up for the Puppets’ Bunker raid from your Duty Finder and get started. Like all other new raids, this one will have a weekly lockout as well, so you may want to farm it several times a week till you get the drop you want.

That’s all you need to know about how to start the Puppets’ Bunker Alliance raid in FFXIV. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game. If you’re looking to continue the main story quests, we have a guide on that as well.

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