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Fall Guys: How to Get Crowns

Crowns Fall Guys

Fall Guys: How to Get Crowns

Fall Guys is out today and anyone jumping in might be wondering what kind of currencies the game has for the enormous stockpile of cosmetics. The first up is crowns, and this guide will tell you how to get crowns in Fall Guys.

Crowns are the non-purchasable currency in Fall Guys, and are the harder of the two currencies to acquire. They can be used to purchase cosmetic options for your character from the in-game Shop.

How to Get Crowns in Fall Guys

The main way to get Crowns is to win a game of Fall Guys. This comes with a definite difficulty level to it and all the store items that need them for purchase are a little more rare because of it.

However, Fall Guys also has a battle pass that everyone who buys the game or downloads it free via PS+ automatically own. As far as the season 1 battle pass goes, Crowns are on offer. This seems to suggest that all future seasons’ battle passes will also offer crowns, but at a low rate of return it’s hard to say which way is better.

You can earn ONE at battle pass rank 5, 20, and 32. While this gives you a better way to earn Crowns, they make up three of the 40 ranks of battle pass, so this method isn’t the most lucrative, just the most guaranteed.

For a brief answer on how to get Crowns in Fall Guys:

  1. You can either win a game of Fall Guys or go through the battlepass to ranks 5, 20, 32.

That’s all you need to know for how to get Crowns in Fall Guys.

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