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Ooblets: How to Upgrade House Size

ooblets upgrade house size guide

Ooblets: How to Upgrade House Size

When you first arrive in Badgetown, Mayor Tinstle will tell you that you can have the old farmhouse on the west side of town. It’s a bit leaky when you get there, so you’ll need to make yourself a Farmhouse Repair Kit by gathering materials. Even after your repairs, the farmhouse can feel a little small. As such, some players are wondering how to upgrade your house size in Ooblets, so you can fit more furniture and decor in there.

Upgrading House Size in Ooblets

To upgrade your house, you’ll want to head to Manatwee. It’s just over to the left-hand size of the Wishywell right in the center of the town square.

Head inside and go over to the left. Just next to the machine where you can create things like Wooden Tiles and Oobcoops, you’ll find two small house models.

bigger house ooblets

Interact with each one and you’ll be given the option to pay a significant amount of Gummies to upgrade your house.

upgrade house ooblets

At the beginning of Ooblets, you’ll only have two house upgrades you can purchase. The first upgrade, called Bigger House, costs 2000 Gummies. The second upgrade, called Even Bigger House, costs 3000 Gummies. Best get saving!

It remains to be seen if more will be made available after upgrading Manawtee or when Ooblets gets closer to its official release.

Keep in mind that it’ll take a little while for your house size to be upgraded after you’ve purchased it from Manawtee. In the meantime, you could browse the selection of furniture on offer so you’re ready to spruce up all that new space you’ve got in your house.

Now you’ll have a much bigger farmhouse in Ooblets for all your furniture. If only your Ooblets could kick back and relax on the sofa with you! For more tips, tricks, and guides on your adventures in Badgetown and beyond, be sure to check out our Ooblets coverage below.

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