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Ooblets: How to Get Gummies Fast & Easy


Ooblets: How to Get Gummies Fast & Easy

Complete Plenny’s Bulk Orders

How to Get Gummies Fast in Ooblets

gummies in ooblets

One way to get gummies fast in Ooblets is through Plenny’s Bulk Orders, which is the little pink booth next to Meed’s Seeds that has a guy almost always sleeping inside. Interact with the booth and you’ll be given a list of bulk orders for crops or other produce you can make on your farm.

It’s worth checking in with Plenny every day, but be smart about the bulk orders you choose to take on. We tend to clear anything that requires Nurnies or Planklets as we’ve got an abundance of these common materials for easy Gummies in Ooblets.

The other type of bulk order you want to look out for from Plenny are those that offer huge returns in Gummies. For example, we’re working on a bulk order of 30 Lapauliflowers in the screenshot that will net us over 1,000 Gummies in a single order. As the seeds only cost 10 Gummies each, that’s an easy 700 Gummies + profit from a single bulk order.

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