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Modern Warfare: Best Quickscope Class

modern warfare, best quickscope class

Modern Warfare: Best Quickscope Class

With Season 4 Reloaded, the new Rytec AMR sniper rifle has been added to Modern Warfare and Warzone. To actually unlock it though, you need to complete a challenge that asks you to get three quickscope kills in 15 matches. Therefore, you’ll probably be looking to complete it quickly. To get the kills you need easily, here’s everything you need to know about what the best quickscope class in Modern Warfare is.

To get a quickscope kill, you need to kill an enemy while in the process of aiming down sights. You need to start the process but not finish it.

Best Quickscope Class in Modern Warfare

Therefore, you’re going to want to find a weapon that has high damage and quick Aim Down Sight (ADS) speed, so that you can kill in one bullet but keep the accuracy that comes with aiming down sights. In Modern Warfare, you have two options really.

Your first option is actually a Marksman Rifle rather than a sniper. It will do less damage than a sniper, but will still one-hit-kill most enemies in standard multiplayer and has high mobility. The attachments you’ll want to use are:

Kar98k – Best Quickscope Class

  • Flash Guard (Muzzle)
  • Singuard Custom 27.6” (Barrel)
  • Scout Combat Optic (Optic) 
  • FTAC Sport Comb (Stock) 
  • Stippled Grip Tape (Rear Grip)

If you’re looking for pure damage and want to get the best ADS speed from one, the AX-50 with the following attachments is best. It’s pretty small in size for a sniper, but packs a quick punch.


  • 17.0″ Factory Barrel (Barrel)
  • Tac Laser (Laser)
  • Scout Combat Optic (Optic)
  • Singuard Arms Assassin (Stock)
  • Stippled Grip Tape (Rear Grip)
modern warfare, best quickscope class

Then, to make getting the kills even easier, there are some perks and extra items that could help. Using flash and stun grenades will be useful to throw before starting to quickscope because they’ll slow down an enemy’s movement.

Also, the Double Time and Battle Hardened perks will help you be nimble and stay alive on small maps like Shipment for when you’re trying to get a few quickscope kills in quick succession.

That’s everything you need to know about what the best quickscope class in Modern Warfare is. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our wiki guide or search for Twinfinite.

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