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Apex Legends: How to Get Secret Legendary Charm (Final Quest Guide)

How to Get Secret Legendary Charm (Final Quest Guide)

Apex Legends: How to Get Secret Legendary Charm (Final Quest Guide)

If you’ve been following the Broken Ghost quest for season 5 of Apex Legends, you know that the final reward is both an epic Flatline skin and a secret legendary charm. If you have been keeping up with the treasure packs you may have been able to finish the quest by now, or if you are waiting we’re here to tell you what the final quest and how to get the secret legendary charm in Apex Legends.

How to Get Secret Legendary Charm (Final Quest Guide)

First off, you need to have collected the 45 treasure packs. That is a necessity, there are still 28 days left in the season, so if you haven’t gotten at least 17 by now you might be out of luck. As the secret legendary charm requires completion of the 10 hunts, it’s likely there isn’t any other way to earn it.

If you’ve been going through the Broken Ghost quest line you know they all amount to the same thing: journeying through some part of King’s Canyon and using a machine to dig up an artifact before making your way back to the ship to escape.

While going by icons, The Enemy of My Enemy hunt appears to be the last, it’s not, but it is necessary to unlock the last hunt. The Enemy of My Enemy hunt is one of the easiest as while digging up the artifact you have been powered up by Revenant’s ultimate so you have speed and power on your side.

Once finished there is still one more thing you have to do to unlock the secret legendary charm.

Now begin the Ashes to Ashes mission, this is nothing like any of the other hunts as there isn’t any combat, you are simply taking the head you have been making with all the artifacts to where it needs to go. There aren’t any waypoints so you’ll have to find your way by yourself, but it’s not much of a trek.

Once you get to the broken robot you place the head you will be treated to a small cutscene and the mission will finish, giving you your secret legendary charm, epic Flatline skin, and a look at Ash, the next new Apex Legends character.

Secret Legendary Charm

Time needed: 2 hours.

To summarize getting the secret legendary charm in Apex Legends Broken Ghost quest

  1. Make sure you have collected all 45 treasure packs.

  2. Make sure you have completed the eight previous hunts, ending with Air Support.

  3. Complete The Enemy of my Enemy to unlock the last mission.

  4. The mission at the very end of the list, Ashes to Ashes will just be a short trip through an underground bunker and will end in a cutscene, you will get your rewards shortly after.

That’s all you need to know for How to Get the Secret Legendary Charm. Best of luck grinding and getting through all these quest steps.

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