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7 Warzone Map Changes That’d Make Season 4 Truly Explosive

warzone, season 4, map changes

7 Warzone Map Changes That’d Make Season 4 Truly Explosive

Warzone has become an absolute phenomenon since its launch in early 2020, hitting 50 million players in April. Now, as we approach Season 4, players are speculating about what might change in Verdansk after Infinity Ward said that it was planning Fortnite style events. If changes to the world are on the cards, here are seven Warzone map changes we’d like to see in Season 4.

Open Up Stadium

warzone, season 4, map changes
Image Credit: The Gamer

Of all the potential Warzone map changes, this would be the most exciting. The Stadium area is arguably the most under-utilized section of Verdansk. You can fly a helicopter to the roof, where there’s very little cover, or walk around the edges, picking up loot and opening chests along the way.

However, you cannot actually go inside at all, which is some huge missed potential. For the part of the world Verdansk is set in (Ukraine), it would probably be either an Olympic or soccer stadium, but it’s the inside areas of the stadium that could be more interesting.

The small rooms around the outside, open central corridor, and large central pitch could offer all types of combat scenarios and Infinity ward could even open part of the roof, allowing players to parachute right into the middle.

It would be a whole new landmark for players to explore, without it being a dramatic change to the makeup of the map, so it’s an update that would make a lot of sense.

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