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Here Are Some Wholesome & Funny Twitch Raids to Brighten Your Day


Here Are Some Wholesome & Funny Twitch Raids to Brighten Your Day

I like to think that lots of people have a similar love/hate relationship with Twitch to the one that I do. Twitch can be a fun place to watch fellow gamers play stuff you’re interested in, but like any popular website it can be filled with obnoxious personalities and toxic people.

While not every streamer on this list may be your cup of tea, it’s hard to hate too much on someone who uses their massive Twitch presence to brighten someone’s day or perhaps even change their life.

Let’s start this list out with perhaps one of the most well known streamers out there, Ninja.

Ninja Raids a Super Positive Guy

via YouTuber: Fortnite Syndrome

One day, Ninja decided to raid a small streamer by the name of Shootin_Lefty. And what Ninja may or may not have realized is that Shootin_Lefty was someone who could really use the support.

His sister recently passed away and his father was getting a kidney removed. Rough stuff.

What makes it especially heartwarming is that Shootin_Lefty genuinelly seems like an incredibly positive and likable person. He was super hyped and excited to talk with his new viewers, about himself and how he’s trying to stay positive in the midst of a lot of not so great things going on in the background.

There are a lot small streamers out there who have the personality and the skills to make it, they are just waiting for a big break like this to get the momentum going. Hopefully things worked out well for Shootin_Lefty after this exciting day.

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