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Satisfactory: How to Remove Rocks

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Satisfactory: How to Remove Rocks

In Satisfactory, you’ll use all of the tools at your disposal to gather, craft, and build to your heart’s content, creating magnificent things in the process. Even though your creation capabilities may seem limitless, there are a few obstacles that pop up in your path along the way. Here is everything you need to know about how to remove rocks in Satisfactory

On the surface, it seems pretty much impossible to remove rocks in the game. There is no tool devoted to the task, and the developers have even said that terraforming isn’t something they’ll be adding to the game.

Thanks to some cheesing, though, there are a few different ways to remove rocks in the game.

How to Remove Rocks in Satisfactory

The first method that many have found useful when removing rocks requires you to get a chainsaw. While this is a tool usually only used to cut down flora, it can also destroy rocks within the target area. 

The cut’s exact radius is 5 meters, centered at the chainsaw. The chainsaw technique obviously requires flora to be near the rocks, so it isn’t too reliable. 

Luckily, the sulfur patch has made cleaning up things like rocks super easy. 

Nobelisk Detonator

The Nobelisk Detonator is a weapon that blows up in a 7.5 meters radius, dealing 50 damage. It destroys cracked boulders, rocks, and alien life. 

You’ll need to have five Object Scanners, five Encased Industrial Beams, 50 cable, and the Equipment Workshop to make a Nobelisk Detonator. Once you create one, you’ll also need ammo. 

Nobelisk rounds require five Black Powder, 10 Steel Pipe, and an Assembler to create. For the Seismic Nobelisk eight Black Powder, eight Steel Pipe, and a Manufacturer. 

When you’ve created both, chuck it at whatever rock you want blown up and pull the trigger. 

That is everything you need to know about how to remove rocks in SatisfactoryFor more information, check back to Twinfinite, as there are plenty of guides on the site that’ll help you out.

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