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7 PS5 Event Predictions That’d Set the Benchmark for Next-Gen


7 PS5 Event Predictions That’d Set the Benchmark for Next-Gen

PS5 Price

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We’ve already done a bit of predicting and speculating when it comes to the PS5 price, having done some very very loose and basic calculations, while also trying to factor in economies of scale at the size that Sony has for its hardware.

Back in October of last year, I predicted the PS5 price to be around $399, with Sony desperately trying to roll the PS4’s momentum from this generation into the next.

I’ve had a change of heart since then. Given the global economy took a bit of a hammering the past few months, we’d expect prices to be bumped up a tiny little bit. Not to mention, the additional graphical horsepower of the PS5, all of the tech inside the DualSense, and the other improvements we’ve yet to learn about are going to cost some serious money.

Therefore, I’d be tempted to adjust my PS5 price prediction to around $449 in an attempt to keep the cost appealing, while also recouping manufacturing costs.

Whatever it ends up being, just know that we’ll likely find out how many pennies we’re going to have to save for the PS5 come the end of Thursday.

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