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Pokemon Isle of Armor: How to Get Max Mushrooms

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Pokemon Isle of Armor: How to Get Max Mushrooms

The new expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield has finally been released, and it’s called the Isle of Armor. This expansion introduces a new dojo, along with tons of new challenges and battles for you to get into, with new mechanics to learn as well. Here’s how to get Max Mushrooms in Pokemon Isle of Armor.

Max Mushrooms are a new form of resource you can collect in Isle of Armor. They’re used to create Max Soup, which is a food item that helps strengthen the Gigantamax forms of your Pokemon. If you want to keep crafting Max Soups, you’re gonna need some Max Mushrooms.

Getting Max Mushrooms in Pokemon Isle of Armor

The good news is that Max Mushrooms are fairly easy to farm, and they’re not that hard to come by either. You’ll get your first ones when you reach the Dojo’s second trial, where you’re tasked with finding a handful of Mushrooms and bringing them back for the battle. After that, you’ll be able to start finding them out in the wild.

Max Mushrooms can basically be found all over the open world in Isle of Armor. Unlike regular items that just show up as small Poke Balls on the ground, the Mushrooms are large and bright red, so it’s pretty much impossible to miss them. However, once you pick them up, it’ll take a while for them to respawn.

The easiest way to get them to respawn is by doing raid battles nearby. After the battle ends and you’re returned to the open world, the Mushrooms should’ve spawned again and you’ll be able to pick them up. You need a total of three Mushrooms to make a Max Soup, and since there are quite a few Pokemon with Gigantamax forms, you’ll want to gather as many as possible.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Max Mushrooms in Pokemon Isle of Armor. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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