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Last of Us 2 Trophy List

last of us 2 trophy list

Last of Us 2 Trophy List

The Last of Us 2 arrives on PS4 today, bringing the next chapter of Ellie and Joel’s adventure to our TVs. Five years after the events of the original game’s ending, Joel and Ellie find themselves in a thriving community in Wyoming, before a violent event disrupts the peace and Ellie embarks on a quest for justice and closure. For any trophy hunters out there, you’re likely wondering what the The Last of Us 2 trophy list looks like.

All Trophies in The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2 has 26 trophies, broken down into one Platinum, seven Gold trophies, eight Silver trophies, and 10 Bronze trophies.

Trophy TitleDescriptionRarity
Every Last One of ThemCollect all trophiesPlatinum
What I Had to DoComplete the storyGold
Survival ExpertLearn all player upgradesGold
Arms MasterFully upgrade all weaponsGold
ArchivistFind all artifacts and journal entriesGold
Master SetFind all trading cardsGold
NumismatistFind all coinsGold
Prepared for the WorstFind all workbenchesGold
MechanistFully upgrade a weaponSilver
SpecialistLearn all player upgrades in one branchSilver
SafecrackerUnlock every safeSilver
SightseerVisit every location in downtown SeattleSilver
JourneymanFind all training manualsSilver
Survival TrainingLearn 25 player upgradesSilver
High CaliberFind all weaponsSilver
In the FieldFind 12 workbenchesSilver
Tools of the TradeCraft every itemBronze
TinkererUpgrade a weaponBronze
ApprenticeLearn a player upgradeBronze
Starter SetFind 5 trading cardsBronze
Mint ConditionFind 5 coinsBronze
Hidden TrophyHidden DescriptionBronze
Hidden TrophyHidden DescriptionBronze
Hidden TrophyHidden DescriptionBronze
Relic of the SagesFind the Strange ArtifactBronze
So Great and SmallFind the Engraved RingBronze

The trophy hunters among you will likely have already spotted that there isn’t a difficulty trophy for The Last of Us 2. In fact, almost all of the trophies on offer here are collectible-based and so you’ll want to make sure you’re venturing off the beaten path and searching every nook and cranny to help your progress towards these.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that upon reaching The Last of Us 2’s final chapter, you’ll unlock the Chapter Select option which can be incredibly handy for polishing off any remaining collectibles you need after your first playthrough.

There you have the complete Last of Us 2 trophy list. Looking for more tips, tricks and guides on the game? Head on over to our guide wiki or have a click through more of our coverage below.

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