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Last of Us 2: Trading Card Locations (Master Set Trophy)

Trading Cards

Last of Us 2: Trading Card Locations (Master Set Trophy)

The Last of Us Part 2 is filled to the brim with collectibles. If you’re looking to find all of the trading cards look no further. Here are the trading card locations in The Last of Us Part 2.

Trading Card Locations in The Last of Us 2

The first trading card is pinned to the side of the Main Street Gallery building.

All images are thanks to this video from Next Gen Base. You can view their channel here.

trading card locations the last of us 2

A little later down the line, you’ll enter a saloon called the Tipsy Bacon. Inside near the dartboard, the next trading card will be sitting on a barrel.

trading card locations the last of us 2

The first trading card during the patrol chapter can be found while patrolling around town on horseback with Ellie.

While riding Ellie will want to check out some houses in the surrounding area. Make your way up a snow banked awning to the second floor of the house in front of you.

From there take a left and the first trading card will be in a desk drawer. Inside will be the Tesseracter trading card.

trading card locations the last of us 2

The next trading card can be found a little later on when inside of an abandoned storefront. Inside of the back office you’ll find the Laurent Foucault trading card on a table.

trading card locations the last of us 2

In the next chapter you’ll find the Motivator Location trading card taped to a bus stop right past the first set of abandoned cards.

trading card locations the last of us 2

The Starfire Kids trading card is down the road a little farther. You’ll see a sign that says ‘Seattle North” from there look for a cabin to your left to find the card inside on a corkboard.

trading card locations the last of us 2

The Chessmaster card can be found once you reach the Seattle quarantine zone. Climb the wall and follow the planks until you find a ladder leading to a hidden area.

Inside of the hidden area, you’ll find the next trading card on a table next to some windows.

trading card locations the last of us 2

The following chapter, Downtown is where you’ll discover the next trading card. Across the field from where you start you’ll notice a destroyed building. The next card lies in wait there, but you’ll have to do some fancy footwork to get it. 

Walk up to the building to find a smashable window, hop over to follow the building around the outside, jump over the gap to climb back inside the building, walk up a ramp and you’ll be rewarded 

trading card locations the last of us 2

The Das Wort trading card can be found shortly after the previous card once you get to the larger exploration segment of the chapter. Here, you’ll need to look for the Valiant music store. 

trading card locations the last of us 2

Once inside the store head downstairs and look inside the drawer.

The next card will require an additional step. You’ll need to find the safe combination for the safe on Madison Street. The code for the safe is 0451 if you don’t feel like finding it yourself. 

trading card locations the last of us 2

For the Big blue trading card head to Spring Street and look for a small coffee shop. Inside the drawers of the coffee shop, you’ll find the trading card.

trading card locations the last of us 2

This next card will have to wait until you enter the hotel towards the end of the chapter. Head upstairs and go past the room with the dead body in front of it. Inside the next room look for the bedside table where the card is located. 

trading card locations the last of us 2

The Cardio card is located in the next chapter of the game. Follow the path as usual until you come to a balcony. Once you get inside the room hop over the overturned bed and check the table to find the card.

trading card locations the last of us 2

That’s it for this chapter.

The following chapter starts off with the Kinnard, Esq location card, which can be found once you escape the school. Find the blue house that has the number three on the right side of the door. 

Inside there’s a trading card hidden inside one of the drawers.

trading card locations the last of us 2

Continue along until you come across the motel. Again, look for room number three, which is where the card is located. The door will be locked so you’ll have to go to the room next door, hop out the back window, and hop in room three’s back window. 

The Rockafella card will be lying next to the television.

Following along the main path Ellie will come to another building. Follow the hallway until you come to a small record player. The Doctor Sterm trading card will be sitting next to it.

trading card locations the last of us 2

Moving forward you’ll come across the live street building. Inside there are a few infected to clear out, but you’ll be rewarded with the Sergeant Frost trading card. 

Keep on pushing through the chapter until you reach a minefield. Carefully dodge the mines and infected to find the next card next to an ATM.

After the minefield, you’ll be treated to some lovely deadly tripwires. Again carefully avoid them and make your way into the Wellwishes thrift store. The Bizzarebra card is sitting on a bookshelf.

Moving on to the next chapter head up a floor of the TV station and look for a balcony. Walk across the balcony to access a locked door that can be accessed via the outside window. A few offices are inside, find the smallest one to grab the Kimimela card.

That’s it for the TV station. You won’t come across another card until you’re in the tunnels beneath it. You’ll find a door with a red light signaling the main path you’re supposed to take. 

Instead, go past the door and look for some trash bags, which will have the Imp card located underneath. 

Once you push through the tunnels and get into the depths of the building, you’ll find a blue office door. Go inside and find a spot to crawl on the far right side of the room. On the other side, you’ll find the Dr. Daniela Star card.

Once through the underground section, you’ll finally be outside again. Follow along until you see an upturned train carriage. From there go prone and crawl underneath to find the Bastet card.

You’ve now made your way into the theater. Look around and find the breakable display cases on the first floor. Inside one of them, there will be the Mortem location trading card.

The Beyond location trading card can be found on the second floor of the theater. Follow the corridor, go right, and follow it all the way along. Look for the overturned couch and you’ll find the card. 

The next trading cards are found in the flashback chapter. The Nighthawk Museum card can be found on a bench next to the Triceratops exhibit. 

The Saura card is located a little further into the chapter. Under another bench to the right of the moose exhibit.

The Wachumero card can be found directly after the first cutscene in Hillcrest. Drop off the ledge behind you, smash the window of the truck, and pick up the card.

Your next card will be the Sahir the Sorceror card which is located at the Caroline Paper Co. There is a cardboard box in the back of the store that has the card inside. 

As you progress you’ll eventually come to a room where you will acquire a trip mine. In that same room the Naledi the Youthful trading card can be found in the corner of the room.

Continue on through the story until you hop some fences in quick succession. After the last fence, you’ll notice a small yellow playhouse on your left. The Brainstorm trading card is inside.

The Austringer card will be found in another flashback chapter. Eventually you’ll come to a caved-in road. You’ll find the card in the abandoned car in front of you. 

The Randy Styles card is located back in the present day. Go inside the Quickmart and look for a sign that says smooth taste. The card will be underneath the sign.

The Shift trading card is located inside fo the convention center. Head inside and look for the elevator shaft. You’ll find a ladder in there to reach the next floor. Explore until you find a rope, which you’ll need to throw over to the pipe outside of the window.

Swing into the next building to find the card on the couch.

Leave the conference center and head up the road. You’re on the lookout for an apartment building to your left. Head inside and go down the staircase to reveal a crawl space. 

Crawl through the space, break the window in the next room, hop out, and follow the path to break the next window and bypass the locked door. In here is the Star Sign trading card.

The Arch-enemy card is located just past the greenhouse area. Once you reach the ground floor of the greenhouse look for the locked door on the left. Follow the wall around until you find a breakable window. Smash it, hop inside and grab the card. 

After the sewer section, you’ll come to the Garden Suites. Go up the stairs and check behind them to find the Doppleganger trading card.

Once you reach Weston’s Pharmacy the Bhat M’Andarr card is on your left once you enter.

trading card locations the last of us 2

The Esquire card is located on some stage monitors directly to your left as soon as Day 3 begins. 

trading card locations the last of us 2

Continue along until you reach a WPL building. To get inside crouch underneath the barricade and keep going until you reach a set of double doors. Turn around and crawl under some knocked over furniture to find the Tormentra card.

trading card locations the last of us 2

Eventually, you will reach another bookstore, which is similar to the one from a previous chapter. Look for the desk near the escalator on the ground floor. Once you find the desk you’ll see some knocked over bookshelves, crouch underneath to find the Tanager card.

trading card locations the last of us 2

As you continue to progress forward you’ll eventually come to an area with a lot of rubble. Crawl under it, but don’t go to the pipe on the right of you, instead move forward and check the cabinet for the Tatuaje trading card.

When you’re in the boat, you’ll eventually come to a blocked gate that needs to be raised. You’ll notice a door behind you that leads to a hidden room with the Seff L’ho’phad trading card.

The Khazakh Bright card is found in the arcade, on the opposite side of the prize counter.

Well, that’s every trading card location in The Last of Us Part 2. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out our ever-expanding Last of Us 2 Wiki.

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