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Last of Us 2: How to Learn All Player Upgrades (Survival Expert Trophy)

last of us 2

Last of Us 2: How to Learn All Player Upgrades (Survival Expert Trophy)

The long wait for The Last of Us 2 from peerless developer Naughty Dog is finally over, and players the world over are diving in to find out just where the harrowing next chapter of Joel and Ellie’s tale will take them.

The road ahead will be long and difficult (and full of Clickers), so if you are going to have any chance of success, you are going to need to develop Ellie’s myriad survival skills. Let’s take a look at how to learn all player upgrades in the Last of Us 2.

How to Learn All Player Upgrades in Last of Us 2

Throughout the course of her journey, Ellie will be able to unlock and develop a variety of different skill trees that will, once upgraded, provide powerful and permanent gameplay benefits. From improved stealth to listening and detection upgrades, and more efficient crafting methods and bigger explosions, there is a skill tree to suit all playstyles.

Skill trees in The Last of Us 2 are unlocked by finding the appropriate Training Manuals, which are scattered throughout the game. Some are story-specific and cannot be missed, and others can be hidden quite deviously, so keep your eyes peeled for any conspicuous magazines!

The Training Manuals by themselves arent enough, and you will need to find and use Supplements in order to actually unlock the skills contained within.

Supplements look like medicine capsules, and can often be found in bathrooms, bedrooms, and inside of safes. You will likely find hundreds throughout your playthrough without really having to try.

As was the case in the original, it isn’t possible to unlock every skill in a single playthrough, and you will need to play through the game again on New Game + to max everything out.

In the Last of Us 2, each Training Manual has five skills associated with it, and skills must be unlocked sequentially. That is to say, you cant unlock the second without the first, or the third without the second, etc.

Keep your eyes out for Training Manuals, and read through the associated skill list before you start sinking all of your Supplements into one. You might find that some don’t really fit your playstyle, and there is no way of resetting your Supplement allocation once you have spent them.

We’ve got the locations of all training manuals available here, if you need help looking for them.

Unlock every skill available in the game and you will be rewarded with the Survival Expert trophy, and no amount of bandits or infected will be able to stop you.

That’s everything you need to know about how to learn all player upgrades in the Last of Us 2. For more helpful guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guides wiki, which is full of all kinds of helpful tips and tricks that can help you to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead.

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