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Last of Us 2: How to Get & Ride Horses

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Last of Us 2: How to Get & Ride Horses

After the success of the first game, it’s no surprise that Naughty Dog would follow up with The Last of Us 2 at some point after that. The sequel is finally out, and it continues the story of protagonists Joel and Ellie as they venture into Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. The levels in this game are much bigger than they were in the first, and you’ll inevitably need to make use of a few horses to get around. Here’s how to get and ride horses in The Last of Us 2.

Getting and Riding Horses in The Last of Us 2

Horses were introduced in the first game, but they were only available in a few sections. In The Last of Us 2, you’ll be using them a lot more frequently than you might be used to.

For the most part, horses will be available to you as the story dictates. And from what we’ve played so far, they’re usually available in most of the levels so as to make exploration a little more convenient and efficient.

To get on a horse, simply approach it and press the triangle button. And when you want to get off, press the triangle button again. While on a horse, you can hold the L1 button to gallop to move faster, and press the X button to jump over obstacles in your path.

Whenever you’re exploring an area on foot, your horse will usually wait around for you nearby so you’ll never have to wander too far to find it again. As far as we can tell, there doesn’t seem to be a way to call it over to you, but since it’s usually hanging around nearby, you shouldn’t need to anyway.

Horses are good for running away from encounters if you’re low on ammo, but if you’re planning on being stealthy, it’s best to hitch it before going on ahead on foot.

That’s all you need to know about how to get and ride horses in The Last of Us 2. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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