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Last of Us 2 Engraved Ring Location: How to Get ‘So Great & Small’ Trophy

last of us 2 engraved ring

Last of Us 2 Engraved Ring Location: How to Get ‘So Great & Small’ Trophy

If you’re looking to find every artifact in The Last of Us 2 and get the ‘So Great & Small’ trophy, you’ll need to track down the engraved ring in The Last of Us 2. This guide will talk you through exactly where to find it.

Where to Find Engraved Ring in The Last of Us 2

The Engraved Ring is one of the ‘Artifact’ collectibles you can find in The Last of Us 2. It can be found during Chapter 9: Downtown.

Once you reach the point in this chapter where you’re given more freedom to explore the open world area, look at the map that Ellie has. You want to head to the building in the the bottom row, third column. It will have a ‘?’ over it.

This is Westlake Bank, and it’s just to the left of how you got into this area. Head down the corridor, clear out the enemies in here, and then make your way to the Vault in the back left-hand corner.

You’ll find an artifact on the floor next to a large table of sorts to the right of the vault door as you’re looking at it. Pick it up. This will give you the combination to the vault, which is 60-23-06.

Head inside the vault once it opens and go to the back right-hand corner of the room. You’ll find a safety deposit box here. Open it and you’ll find the engraved ring you’re looking for.

When you find the engraved ring, you’ll be able to take a closer look at it. You’ll find the words “Sic Parvis Magna” which translated means “Greatness from Small Beginnings.” This is a reference to Sir Francis Drake and Naughty Dog’s own Uncharted series.

And now you’ve found the Last of Us 2 engraved ring and got the ‘So Great and Small’ trophy. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guide wiki, or have a quick browse and peruse through our coverage below.

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