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Best Minecraft Texture Packs


Best Minecraft Texture Packs

Minecraft texture packs are what you’re going to need if you want to change how Minecraft typically looks. From its default textures and designs for each different block, through to simply adding even more detail into your creative sandbox, texture packs are where its at. There’s quite literally something for everyone, whether you want to just slightly tweak the appearance, or give it a huge makeover to the point your world’s barely recognizable as Minecraft.

While Minecraft texture packs have changed a little with the Bedrock Edition of the game, this post is strictly about texture packs for the Java Edition of Minecraft. In the Bedrock Edition, you’ll need to use the Minecraft Marketplace Catalog to find, buy, and download your desired texture pack.

If you’re playing on this version of the game, simply head over here to begin your texture pack journey. For those playing the Java Edition, keep on reading for a quick run through how to install Minecraft texture packs, as well as the best ones you’re going to want to install.

How to Install Minecraft Texture Packs

  1. Download the texture pack. If it downloads as a .zip file, leave it as is and do not extract it.
  2. Start Minecraft
  3. Select ‘Options’ at the main menu.
  4. Click ‘Resource Packs.’
  5. Click ‘Open Resource Packs Folder.’
  6. Drag and drop your downloaded texture pack file into this folder.
  7. Select the texture pack from the ‘Usable Add-Ons’ list.

Best Minecraft Texture Packs

  1. Sphax PureBDCraft
  2. Faithful
  3. Jolicraft
  4. Brix
  5. John Smith
  6. oCd Pack
  7. Halo Minecraft Texture Pack
  8. Glimmar’s Steampunk
  9. Urbancraft
  10. ModernHD

Sphax PureBDCraft

best minecraft texture packs

PureBDCraft doesn’t make your Minecraft world entirely unrecognizable from its default look. Everything feels largely familiar, but everything — and we mean everything — has received a new texture.

The theme here is a cleaner, sharper-edged comic-book look to your world. Every block, creature, item and the UI have been reworked in HD and have plenty more detail than their original counterparts. From its angry-looking animals, to its slightly more menacing mobs, there’s a lot to love about this pack.

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