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5 Ways Bluepoint Can Make a Perfect Demon’s Souls Remake

demons souls

5 Ways Bluepoint Can Make a Perfect Demon’s Souls Remake

With the announcement of the Bluepoint Games-developed Demon’s Souls Remake, an entirely new audience will be able to experience for themselves the dark majesty, and brutal difficulty of one of the PS3’s most influential exclusives.

The original Demon Souls was a notoriously obtuse game, with part of its lasting appeal being the many mysteries contained therein. Players had to discover for themselves (or more like Google) how basic mechanics actually worked, or how to overcome the nightmarish enemies that inhabit the cursed kingdom of Boletaria.

Explain World Tendency

demons souls

World Tendency is a mechanic that is at the core of Demon’s Souls, governing everything from enemy difficulty to item drop rates. It is also almost entirely left up to the player to discover how it works, its intricacies, and how to reverse its effects.

The Demon’s Souls Remake has a chance to better explain this system to newer players, and by doing so ever so slightly alleviate the games near-vertical learning curve. The esoteric nature of the Souls series is one of its greatest strengths, and discovering these things for yourself is part of the fun, but a few more vague soapstone messages wouldn’t spoil the mystique.

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