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5 EA Franchises That Would Be Perfect for the Switch


5 EA Franchises That Would Be Perfect for the Switch

During the EA Play event, EA claimed that it will be bringing seven of its games to the Nintendo Switch over the next 12 months. We figured this would be a perfect time to lay out what would be a few of the most perfect games/series to come to the handheld platform.

Dead Space Series

Dead Space Perfect for Nintendo Switch

Dead Space is a survival-horror that puts players in control of Isaac Clarke, a ship systems engineer. In the first game, Isaac joins a mission headed to the USG Ishimura, which has suffered a mysterious communications failure. The game plays as a third-person shooter with over-the-shoulder aiming, just like modern Resident Evil games.

As Dead Space requires players be vigilant while roaming the Ishimura, the game could utilize some sort of motion control mechanics specific to the Switch. To heighten the stress of the environment, this could be something such as making the player hold the Switch a specific way for the flashlight to work. Seeing that motion controls require a bit more focus, it would lend to that palpable feeling of dread before a jump scare.

The whole series is tight corridors and being constantly afraid of any unexplored or dark area. The enemy, the necromorphs, are a tough group of body horror monsters that need to be dismembered to be fully defeated.

While Visceral Games has been closed down, a remaster of the series for the Nintendo Switch could lead to renewed interest in a fourth game, and the series could be reborn.

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