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10 Soul-Crushing Escort Missions That’ll Make You Hate Video Games


10 Soul-Crushing Escort Missions That’ll Make You Hate Video Games

Honestly, there are certain features in games that’ll make you groan or sigh as soon as you encounter them. Hardly anybody is looking forward to hard-to-navigate underwater levels, fetch quests, or escort missions.

Escort missions are the absolute worst, and even great games suffer from them from time to time. Here are 10 that’ll make you want to stop playing, save, then quit.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – The Carriage

Worst Escort Missions - Zelda
Source: Bossman-D

There are a few ways that this short escort mission can go very wrong, especially if you’re playing on the Wii. You’re tasked with protecting a carriage as it crosses Hyrule Field, while on horseback.

A piece of cake for the Hero of Twilight, right? Wrong. This can be a terrible escort mission, depending on your luck. The carriage is in danger of being hit with flaming arrows from all sides, or bombs from above.

If a bomb drops near the carriage it’ll stop following the path to its destination. Instead of continuing straight, it’ll go around in circles.

Defending the carriage shouldn’t be too hard, but being attacked on all sides while trying to simultaneously control your horse, and aim at both flying and grounded enemies with the Wiimote can make this escort mission maddening.

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