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6 Obscure Holidays Nintendo Should Add to Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Tom Nook Animal Crossing

6 Obscure Holidays Nintendo Should Add to Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In case you weren’t tipped off by the fact that there are currently eggs absolutely everywhere, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is in the midst of its first seasonal event in the form of Bunny Day.

With plenty of opportunities to craft garish furniture flanked by an ever-present rabbit fiend who watches your every move, it’s just the kind of whimsical fun the series is famous for.

There are, of course, several holidays to look forward to as the days tick by, but as we are an entitled group that is never fully satisfied, we expect, nay, demand as many holidays as humanly (or animally) possible. If Nintendo is scratching their heads as they try to come up with some suitable candidates, we’re more than happy to help them out with these marvelous suggestions.

Oh wait, hold still, Nintendo! That itchiness might actually be a flea

Near Miss Day

Animal Crossing
Oh, dear god, no! | Original painting by Charles Bittinger

March 23, 1989, was the day an enormous asteroid came 500,000 miles from colliding with the Earth, a close call that could have had disastrous consequences. As a result, that date has been anointed Near Miss Day, in remembrance of the time we all almost died horribly.

How did you celebrate Near Miss Day last week? I stared into the void and cried myself to sleep, a rare event that is normally reserved only for Wednesday through Sunday!

Meteor Day is already an Animal Crossing staple, allowing you to sit peacefully out in the fields as you watch shooting stars drift across the sky, but Near Miss Day has the chance to become much more exciting, carrying a sizeable chance that one of those asteroids will strike your island and kill everyone in an instant.

Instead of the forgettable Wishy sending you sweet nothings in the mail, you’ll get a menacing letter from Deathy, whose messages are haunting, and whose stationery is excessively beveled.

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